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Hasta la vista baby – A month without social media?

social media breakRight that’s it.

I’m out of here.

Challenging myself to a month without social media.

It’s going to be tough.

This post is really just to myself.  A promise I suppose.

If you’re not an addict like me then you won’t get it.

My husband has just managed (virtually) all of January without a drink. I joked that he couldn’t do it but he did. I’m quite happy to go without a drink. I don’t smoke and I’m not even that bothered if I don’t have a morning cuppa. But a regular internet fix is something I just can’t do without. Checking every bing or bong is a must. If my phone doesn’t vibrate at least once every 20 minutes I have to check that the battery hasn’t died.

Enough is enough.

The challenge is on.

28 day detox. No texting, tweeting or tagging.

I am  slightly cheating by leaving the country for 3 weeks, and picking the shortest month of the year. But come on, it’s going to be tough enough. Going on holiday is generally a time when I would get my fix even more regularly as I’m a nosey cow and I like to see what everyone’s up to. Being away from home means I won’t even get the odd bit of school gate gossip or chat to a friend on the phone.

Some time ago I wrote ‘I quit’ and managed very successfully to give up a 7 year addiction with eBay. Not a week went by without a hit. Searching for the next piece of must have crap that I didn’t need. Looking back at my obsession seems ridiculous now but I’ve realised it’s just been replaced with social networks.

How bonkers is that? I’d rather sit and surf than play Lego with the kids. (and I really love Lego)

the termnator

All wrong.

So here goes…

Hasta la vista baby…


I’ll be back…


(or will I?)

3 thoughts on “Hasta la vista baby – A month without social media?

  1. Tattooed mummy

    I tried this, going cold turkey is definitely the best way. I managed 3 days before hubby noticed how grumpy I was and told me to go back (I actually deleted my first twitter account) so I did.

    Good luck.

    I could give up twitter….if I wanted to …

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