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Happy ‘not your anniversary’ Rob

weddingwalkI know it’s our wedding anniversary but we are both really rubbish at remembering when we got married.

How do we remember?

Both of our mothers send us wedding anniversary cards! Bless them.


So thanks for the reminder Mums.

We think it’s 6 or 7 years. Something like that.

What’s more remarkable is that we are actually turning 20 years together this Autumn.

October I think.


20 years!!!!

Wow, who’d of thought it?

More than half our lives spent together.

We must be MAD.

Where did it go?





Happy ‘not your anniversary’ Rob.

You are my rock.




12 thoughts on “Happy ‘not your anniversary’ Rob

  1. Cathie B

    This post has really cheered me up today. Love the photos and it seems you guys have the most excellent relationship 😉 Popping over form #PoCoLo

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