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My 4 year old Junkie

hunny detoxJunkie:

  • A person suffering from addiction. Most commonly used to refer to an addict of controlled or illegal substances.
  • A hyperbolic expression for a person with a particularly strong enthusiasm for some activity, e.g. ‘a TV junkie’, ‘a ski junkie’, ‘a dummy junkie’?

hunny come down Dummy junkie? Surely not? How could it be? We have raised a junkie! EPIC PARENT FAIL (part 2) Perhaps you think this all sounds a little dramatic? But watching my baby writhe and wriggle in torturous agony last night was not pleasant at all. This come down has been MASSIVE. Trainspotting meets Nanny McPhee with a most enormous BIG BANG. Nothing could soothe this pain. After almost an hour of wailing and twisting she finally gave in to exhaustion. hunny dummy We hadn’t actually planned the big COLD TURKEY that evening but we’d been away for the weekend and we managed to lose the last dummy. I was nursing a mild hangover anyway so after searching the entire house, car and everywhere else we could think of, it sort of came naturally. ‘I WANT MY DUMMY!’ Our poor little bean. hunny fingersOur poor neighbours! It must have sounded like we were torturing her. Do you remember crying so hard you couldn’t breathe? Falling asleep gasping for air. Pillow soaked with tears and streams of snot sticking hair to your hot sweaty face? It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming. I’m ashamed to admit that our eldest also had a dummy until she started school. It cost us a bed with a slide and a few nights of tears, but nothing as bad as this. Hunny has been hit hard. The come down is bad. She has screamed and kicked, bitten and broken things. ADDICTION is a horrible thing. Wish me luck tonight. 

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