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WIN a Greener Cleaner Spring Cleaning pack

flip flopsI saw my first bumble bee this week.

That’s enough for me to know SPRING is here. The flip flops are out and I have started throwing open the doors and windows at every possible opportunity. Time to dust off the cobwebs, shake out the rugs and finally give the windows a wash. I can no longer use the rain as a good enough reason for the chocolate and snot smeared windows.

We’ve started using Greener Cleaner products and I have a set of their eco-friendly spring cleaning range to give away.

2015-03-15 10.11.38I read the other day that 4 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year. A toothbrush is a fraction of the size of a kitchen brush and we go through a fair few of those a year too. Every piece of plastic we throw away will take over 1000 years to degrade. Pretty scary really. Especially when you realise most of this plastic ends up in our oceans and is destroying our eco-system.



GREENER CLEANER make a range of 60% recycled plastic and 40% wood pulp cleaning products. This seems such a simple idea considering plastic has such a long life, and yet we treat it as such a disposable resource.  Their products are preventing large volumes of throw away plastic going into landfill. The patented eco-flex material includes 40% wood pulp, which will bio-degrade and is much kinder to the environment. They also sell eco-friendly antibacterial cleaning liquids which are much kinder to our oceans and are made in the UK.

As someone who really doesn’t get excited about cleaning, I think this stuff is pretty fab. I can’t see why all our plastic things aren’t made in the same way. Think about all those plastic toys? Why can’t we make Lego and Barbies like this?

Win a spring cleaning Green Cleaner pack

Win a spring cleaning Green Cleaner pack

Greener Cleaner are devoted to a philosophy of doing things the right way, for the right reason. Shouldn’t all companies be doing to same?

So what next?

Unfortunately Greener Cleaner are still working on a range of products that actually make cleaning fun. Until that time, I can highly recommend some very loud Kate Bush and a large glass of wine. (Any music you like to sing along to will do – but the wine is essential)

This weekend was a pretty big party in our house for my husbands 40th so the Greener Cleaner gear has really been put to the test. Clearing up after 100 guests is never fun but I can finally say I feel I am getting on top of it.

You can buy the Greener Cleaner range at www.greenerc.co.uk, Amazon, Home Hardware Stores, TK Maxx and other independent retailers.


WIN a Greener Cleaner spring cleaning pack

73 thoughts on “WIN a Greener Cleaner Spring Cleaning pack

  1. gemma brown

    it’s always me unfortunately. my children are good at making the mess, and my partner is fantastic at whinging about it

  2. Alex Telford

    I’m pretty lucky as we both tend do the cleaning in our house, I haven’t managed to convince my son (age 3) to “play Cinderella” I.e. dusting like my friend and her daughter

  3. Nicola

    I’m about to move in with my fiance for the first time, but I suspect the cleaner will be me (Especially since the cook will definitely be him!).

  4. Nikki Hayes

    Mostly me – the husband does have a few designated jobs that he does when I’ve nagged him for long enough (cleaning the George Foreman grill, the oven, mopping the kitchen floor) but I generally find it quicker to do things myself 😀

  5. Ruth Harwood

    I’m still waiting for the Cleaning fairy to visit, she must be taking a sabatical… in the meantime, I’m having to clean my own home…

  6. debbie smith

    me me and me !!! i dont like cleaning but i cant stand dirt so theres me cleaning all day then ! lol fab giveaway x

  7. Fiona K

    I do the majority of the cleaning in our house. Hubbie occasionally does a few chores when I nag him, but he does such a terrible job I generally have to go round afterwards and re-do things. I think that dirt and dust must somehow be invisible if you’re male as he never seems to notice that things need cleaning, and our son is the same.

  8. Hayley Atkins

    We are physically unable to do the housework ourselves so we have a lovely lady who does it all for us. And with a lot of pets which make a lot of mess,this cleaning kit would be ideal!

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