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Now you are Six

Now you are Six

 ‘So when they ask for a tattoo at 15 will you say yes?’ I’ve been really surprised at the reaction to letting my youngest get her ears pierced for her sixth birthday. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that she…

To strike or not to strike? Let our Kids be Kids

To strike or not to strike? Let our Kids be Kids

It’s all gone crazy! Life seemed so much simpler when I was a kid. You went to the local school, played out in the street with the local kids till it got dark, and never was there a mention of exams…

Taming the tantrum – one glitter shake at a time

Taming the tantrum – one glitter shake at a time

As a parent, learning how to effectively discipline your kids can be pretty tough. The mind jar glitter shaker can be a great solution because your child will begin to associate it with a time to relax and calm down.…

‘I give up’ by Izzy Dix

No child should ever feel that life is not worth living. Please read this sad story and help your children understand the consequence of their actions and words. Let’s spread LOVE to our children as much as we possibly can.

to my most amazing friend

I have this friend. She is the most amazing person I know. A constant in my life that has always been there for me. She never judges and is always full of kindness and joy. This note is for her…

WIN family tickets to Elderflower Fields Festival 2014

Is anyone else struggling through these dark winter days, dreaming of a sunny G&T in a field somewhere? Well I may have just the thing to add a ray of sunshine to your life. It’s my very first competition at…

I’m a winner!

I never win anything. My friend Maddie from Gammon and Chips (one of the MAD finalists) encouraged me to enter the MAD bloggers photo competition last week. And I won!!!

Honesty Tourettes

We’ve all been there. Excited child with a beautifully wrapped gift from a relative. Hoping and preying that we have instilled that look of delight and happiness in them, that no matter what the gift contains, they will be polite…

I Quit

It’s become a dreadful guilty pleasure over the years. At first it was limited to at home in private only. But more recently I have lost all will power. Started even to do it in public. Unashamed. So that’s it.…

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