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Teenage dreams

teenage dreamsYou know that place between sleep and awake?

Warm and fuzzy, not quite awake but almost real. No idea how old you are, where you are waking up or who you are with.

I love that place. You can be anyone. It’s kind of a surreal place but also so familiar.


So there I am. Sort of asleep but also awake. In that place.


Having an amazing dream about meeting a teenage crush, but with my since learnt adult confidence. Details that will remain in my head. It was dreamy.

I sleep so heavily that I rarely remember anything from sleep time. Could be the wine I guess. But this one was good.

A perfect dreamy bubble.

And then…


‘Mummy, I’ve had an accident’



Try as a did to re-join my dream, it was gone. I could ignore the child at the end of the bed no longer.

Budging up and allowing said smelly child in to my bed I tried to wriggle and curl up back in to my bubble.



What the F**K!

Child 2. Seemingly imitating some kind of feline on acid. Now standing in place of child 1, pawing at me in a freaky pink cat mask.

Double POP.

How do they know?

(Budging up again) Bed breaks in to a tickling fight between kids, followed by a grown up fight over whose turn it is to sort out the wet bunk bed.


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