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To pea or not to pea? That is the question

hunnypeaMy two year old is well known for her tantrums. Her latest thing is screaming BOGEY at the top of her voice, kicking our much suffering dog then throwing herself dramatically to the floor. Slightly better than shouting ‘I hate you mummy, you’re a  BAGEL!’ in the middle of Sainsbury. But still not great.

So on our family quest to avoid another one of her episodes, we tip-toe round her, giving her pretty much what ever she wants. Hoping this ‘terrible twos’ phase will magically end soon when she hits 3. You never know.

Why to pea?Image

Well, although my spelling is pretty awful you’ll be pleased to read it’s not actually about potty training (although it does leave a lot to be desired).

In moments of madness, nothing quite calms a volcanic size eruption in our house as reaching for the frozen Birdseye (other brands are available!). So I’m wondering if anyone else’s kids are eased by the strange sensation of one of these frozen little gems bursting on their tongue? They seem to douse the fire inside her angry little body and make everything cool and calm once more.

ImageSo all’s fair in love and war. The toddler tantrums CAN be controlled. What’s the point of the post? She’s been eating them for a couple of years thanks to advice from a friend when she was cutting teeth (frozen peas are great for teething by the way). But there on the bag I have recently discovered. Do not eat raw. Surely they are just peas? Frozen? Ingredients is 100% peas. Fresh peas are great for you.

Can anyone tell me? I’ve searched online and am now very educated in the world of peas (thanks Yes Peas! – Had no idea they were so versatile!)  But found nothing concrete.

Mumsnet and other parenting sites just have lots of comments about all the other kids who enjoy these delightful snacks (as well as other frozen foods including sweetcorn, raspberries and prawns?!) but no facts about the safety or why they say not to eat raw.
freezerIf anyone can let me know peas do leave a comment, I’d be very grateful. Until then we will keep the freezer stocked.
Thanks you and give peas a chance

0 thoughts on “To pea or not to pea? That is the question

  1. Maddie Sinclair

    Hmmmm. Good question! Maybe it’s because they are ‘frozen’ that is the problem, rather than ‘raw’, as maybe they pose more of a choking threat to children than if they were not frozen. I’m just guessing though. Would be great to hear the thoughts of an expert! 🙂

  2. eatwellchef

    I can recall the type of attitude adjustment my mother would have administered had I shouted in public, kicked the dog, or thrown a tantrum, and it wouldn’t have been pretty. Alas, these are different times.

    One suggestion I might make for tantrums is to keep the Bach Flower Essence called “Rescue Remedy” with you for emergencies. A few drops in some water or juice (or even on peas) can work wonders. I’ve seen kids settle down in a matter of seconds.

    By the way, there’s no reason not to eat the frozen peas raw. Just use them when they’re fresh.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. a field somewhere

      Thanks for dropping by. Have got some Rescue Remedy in the back of the cupboard somewhere so thanks for advice, will give it a go.
      Yes my mum would have probably had a very different approach to our softly, softly ‘calm down step’ – I’m sure with much more effect.
      Strange they need to write it on the bags – let’s see what Captain Birdseyes has to say.
      Peas do to keep reading.

  3. Lulu

    Rescue Remedy contains alcohol! Fuckin ell,I think a vegetable is gonna be a lot less harmful than booze…don’t sweat about the peas,sweetpea x

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