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Happy squeak grave

20140608_100651“I just said hello to a squirrel and he didn’t look very happy”

The kids discovered a very tame little squirrel in the garden yesterday chilling out near the shed.

It was clear from the fact that we managed to mow the lawn and eat dinner outside without him running away that he was either remarkably friendly or on his way to squirrel heaven.

20140608_100811As expected, today he was no more.

“I didn’t want him to die”

Explaining death to kids is never easy.

We ended up with the usual cop out explanation of him having had a good life and going to a better place.

But how do we know?

He might have had a crap life. Perhaps his squirrel girlfriend kicked him out and he died of a broken heart? Perhaps it was foul play and one of our neighbours poisoned the nuts? And considering I don’t believe in Heaven our child friendly explanation is a bit of an easy way of getting out of a difficult conversation. Feeling rather annoyed with myself we planned a little funeral.

20140608_101437But how do you explain death to a four and eight year old? “He’s dead alright. That’s it. Nothing. The end of his short nut nibbling squirrel life. Deal with it”.

we buried him on the edge of the downs where the poppies grow.

“Let’s call him Happy”


20140608_102209Both kids seem happy with the fact that Happy has gone to a happy place, and he is now


(or so we hope)



7 thoughts on “Happy squeak grave

  1. afamilydayout

    It’s a tricky age to explain death. When our hamster died our (then) 4 year old kept saying things like ‘he’ll be cold in the garden tonight’. Makes your heart break! #countrykids

  2. ~Merlinda~ (@pixiedusk)

    Awwww you handles it well I think. I dont know how I wouldve explain this to my son. I will be out of words and I will probably fake the squirrel’s life. Like he went somewhere and bury him w/o my son. Death is never an easy subject. #countrykids

  3. The Mummy Diary

    Aww bless, we are quite open about death but still try to sugar coat it with talks of heaven and better places and not in pain anymore. Sounds like you handled it perfectly though #magicmoments

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