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Freedom HA HA

ImageNow that we are firmly back in the ‘real’ word of school, work and all that other boring stuff my heart is starting to sink a little. The seasons are changing and someone has already mentioned to dreaded ‘C’ word.

So I thought I’d cheer myself up on this wet and dreary day and reminisce about where our amazing summer holiday started this year.


The kids eventually broke up after what seemed like an eternity of topic shares, assemblies, picnics and coffee mornings. Twisty, tired and threadbare kids and finally…



6 weeks of chilling out and enjoying our family. For us anyway – apologies to those that are full time workers and school holidays just equal a headache of child care arrangements – but we couldn’t wait.



Daisy has just left an amazing little local infant school where we were lucky enough to meet so many lovely people.

For the last few years a group of the parents and local community have organised an end of term camping trip called camp HA HA.


FREEDOM for a week. Straight from school to a gorgeous sunny field somewhere.

I can’t thank everyone involved enough for such a great time. Everyone chips in a bit and the kids just run wild while the adults chill.



Camp fires, marshmallows, rope swings, arts and crafts, live music, assault courses and loads and loads of FUN. We even had a couple of ponies for the kids to ride and some kayaking. All pulled together by the community.

Our kids are so lucky. It’s something I know they will remember for ever. Summer holiday HA HA.


We are sad to say goodbye to Daisy’s infant school but feel really lucky to have met so many great people.

Hollingdean rocks!

This is a special thanks for all the amazing people involved.

With love

The Hollingdean wives


@maddiesinclair (Gammon & Chips)


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  1. maria marshall

    I live in Hollingdean and have 2 kids who would love a holiday like camp ha ha. Is s community camp happening in the summer of 2015?

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