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Daisy’s Australia blog part 1

daisy & Fern

Today I went to the beach and I saw a little spiky dead creature. 1 was purple, one was blue and one was red.

Then I went in the sea with my cousin and had a swim.

Lots of love from your friend Daisy



One thought on “Daisy’s Australia blog part 1

  1. Lou Bateman

    Fab Daisy! You’re very brave – I think I would be scared to go in the sea with spiky dead creatures on the beach – I would be worrying about all the spiky alive creatures there might be in there! Have fun with your cousins and tell your mum and dad I’m just eating a nice omelette for breakfast, thanks to the eggs you left me. Bye, I’m off to make cakes now for Aela’s birthday xxx

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