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Tell Tesco to stop dumping plastic in our oceans

OK, we all know shopping in big multinationals is not the greatest idea.

I am guilty of popping in to any old shop that happens to be on my route home without really thinking about it.

But if we really do have all this buying power in our hands then surely we should have a voice. After all, we are keeping them in business, and if enough of us stop shopping there they will have to start listening.

Wont they?


This sperm whale died after swallowing plastic dumped in the Med by the greenhouses that supply Tesco.

There’s only about 1,000 sperm whales left in the Mediterranean which is flooded by the greenhouse industry waste. Southern Spain is covered in acres of farmland using plastic sheeting to produce year round fruit and vegetables for us. Poor waste disposal restrictions means this plastic ends up floating in the Med.

Supermarkets have the power to insist their suppliers dispose of their deadly waste safely.

Tell Tesco to insist their greenhouses recycle or safely dispose of their waste.

I’m afraid I’ve cut up my clubcard for now Tesco. You will have  to try and little harder to get back in my wallet @afieldsomewhere

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