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I Quit

It’s become a dreadful guilty pleasure over the years.

At first it was limited to at home in private only.

But more recently I have lost all will power.

Started even to do it in public.


So that’s it.



It’s not going to be easy.

I’ve been addicted for over 7 years.

It all started innocently enough when I was pregnant.

Trying to save a few quid in my super thrifty way.

I was already recycling, buying budget loo roll and leaving the shampoo upside down  (a tip from my mother – from a generation of non-wasting recycling mothers before it was trendy).

Justifying my daily obsession as an eco-friendly, money-saving way of kiting us out in baby gear.

I’d always been an avid charity shop surfer.

But then it started.


I was hooked.

Remember before online shopping existed? You had to leave the house to make a purchase? Feels so long ago now. Something our children will never understand. The act of ‘staying in to save money’. Christ, I go out for whole days now and spend less than I could in an hours intensive hard labour on ebay.

So, that’s it.

I will STOP.

I will STOP neglecting my kids because I’m searching for that must have kitchen accessory.

I will STOP nearly crashing my car on the way to work because yet another pair of sandals is ending in 20, 18, 17… seconds.

I will STOP rudely sitting at the toddler group checking out the latest Brighton listings in the furniture category.

I will STOP  ‘checking out’ quickly in the playground to make sure that my new coat arrives in time for the weekend.

I will STOP interrupting my husband while he explains how he spent all day in the rain under a greasy van, to say ‘Do you think these bunk beds will fit?’

Do I need to go on?

I admit it. I am an addict. I said it.

It needs to stop.

I’ve just added up all the things I’ve bought on ebay over the last year and we could have probably had a holiday.


my last purchase

Yes, I may have saved money buying second-hand, and yes I may be recycling and keeping at least 10 Royal Mail staff in jobs, but enough is enough. My cupboards are bursting with unused ebay purchases. The kids have at least 3 dresses for every day of the week and I could start my own second hand shoe shop (size 4’s only!).

What’s it all about?

My eldest is 7 now and she is starting to show an interest in shopping.

It’s my duty to set an example.

Goodbye ebay

You will be missed but not forgotten.

7 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. judithkingston

    Beautiful. I admire your resolve and support you all the way! I’m trying to quit devouring entire packets of biscuits in one go but I keep falling off the wagon. Time for a star chart I think…

    1. a field somewhere

      Ahhh. The biscuit chomping ‘I quite’ has to be one the hardest. I finished off a whole pack of Jaffa cakes today in 1 cup of tea. (Apparently they are full of air so it’s OK)

      1. judithkingston

        Yes, Jaffa cakes are lethal. I’m also pretty bad with maryland chocolate chips and bourbon creams. Oh dear. Now I want to eat biscuits again… Thankfully the corner shop is closed.

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