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Pizza Hut Restaurants review – Daisy is 8!

daisy birthdayI love having parties at home for the kids.

I know most mums shudder at the thought of a house full of screechy small people who leave a trail of jelly and ice cream on your carpets. But I have always really enjoyed a good old fashioned parties at home.

I think it’s the nostalgia for me. Remembering my own excitement of having a few friends over, plates of sugar loaded treats, pass the parcel and a tornado of wrapping paper and snot up the walls.

So, when my eldest muttered these words a few months back my heart sank.

‘Mum, PLEASE can we NOT have my party at home?’

Even more upsetting for me was,

‘Can you PLEASE buy a cake from the supermarket like everyone else?’

I almost cried. Were my parties really that awful? I love baking cakes!

A good friend of mine quickly helped me get over my feeling of failure when she reminded me I wouldn’t have any clearing up to do if I went with my daughters suggestion of a movie and pizza party.

So that’s what we did.

And it was BRILLIANT!

We took advantage of Movies for Juniors price at Brighton Marina Cinema which we booked online for £1.35 a ticket and even got the 10th ticket free for a group booking. BARGAIN.

Stuffed the kids full of popcorn, sweets and drinks (sneaked in from Asda – sorry Cineworld!) and then went to the Pizza Hut Restaurant.pizza hut party

£3.99 for a kids’ meal is brilliant. It wasn’t even about the food for our kids. It was the feeling of independence as they all helped themselves to free salad, unlimited drinks and the ice-cream factory (£1.50 extra). They all felt very grown up and had a great time. Each meal included pizza or pasta and their total bill came to less than £50!

We sat back with a coffee and just watched. (Actually, my husband couldn’t resist a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza). The kids all really enjoyed being silly together and the waitress was so helpful and no one complained that they were so excitable.  The staff even sang happy birthday and allowed us to have our own Piniata cake. (Also courtesy of Asda as my cakes are clearly dreadful).

20141004_130124It’s the way forward! Never again will I run around like a lunatic at home. Clearing up drink spills and picking rice crispie cakes out of rugs for weeks after.

We packed the kids off home with a slice of cake and went back to our lovely calm and tidy house. EASY PEASY.

174 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Restaurants review – Daisy is 8!

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  2. kayleigh bates

    I thin I’ll do something similar to this for my daughters next birthday, no fuss no mess! My favourite is Raphaeal by the way 😉 x

  3. Sarah Jackson

    Sarah, I entertained at around 800 children’s parties before becoming a food blogger. I did a few parties in Italian restaurants where pizza was served. (They were always reeeallly slow with ice cream and cake so I didn’t entertain for as long!)

    The kids used to love it and I have to say, they were definitely the easiest parties for mums, although my personal faves were the ones where mum cooked amazing food or had caterers. Being a foodaholic, it was SUCH a treat to tuck into gourmet fayre. But that’s just a greedy entertainer talking! 😉

    Walking away from the mess though. Ain’t that just the best thing?!

  4. kellyjo walters

    I remember watching the original Turtles as a kid and keep shouting teenage mutant ninja turtles and jumping off the couch and my mum going mad LOL

  5. Maddie Sinclair

    Can I say the rat? What was his name? Was it Splinter or Shredder or something like that? If not, am not sure which one it is, but the purple turtle (see what I did there? Greg would be proud!)

  6. Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon)

    I’ve been to both that Pizza Hut and that cinema many times. It’s a nice place, definitely prefer it to the ones in town. If we’re naming TMNT then I will go for Donatello, since he also has a Brighton-based pizza emporium named after him.

  7. kayleigh white

    I love Pizza Hut!!! My favourite pizza is the BBQ Meat feast pizza with cheesy bites! Oh nom nom – where’s my takeaway menu?

  8. Bethanie Harrison

    Looks like a really good time! i like that you slipped into asda to get you’re treats! we do the same ! And I am being told to say that Leonardo is the best !!

  9. tracey bowden

    not really a turtle fan sorry but this is the plan for my daughters 9th birthday next march. A film at Odeon cinema and then off to Red Hot Buffet for dinner hopefully it will be as much of a success as yours was

  10. Trish Lewis

    Michaelangelo…..BUT…a Pizza Hut is about to open in my town…so this prize would be very welcome & shared 😀

  11. Sherry Owen

    Glad your daughter had a lovely birthday treat 🙂 Don’t blame you for taking Asda sweeties into the cinema, the sweets there are sooo expensive!

  12. kibbler86

    I love them all!! Have done since I was little. Michelangelo tips the scales slightly though 😀
    I hope my son never says he would rather have a shop bought cake, even if I can’t do Spiderman as good as they can, lol. It sounds like a great idea to have Birthday celebrations outside the home and what a bargain you got too! I’m going to look into cinema & pizza for my son’s birthday in Jan xx

  13. jenrhymer

    I used to watch the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles cartoon when I was younger & Michaelangelo was my favourite as he was the funniest – Cowabunga!!

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