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Zombies! Quick and easy costumes

One of the easiest fancy dress ideas to pull off last minute is the delightful zombie. Perfect for Halloween, or just a regular night out on the town. Here’s a few quick and easy zombie tips on entering the world of the undead this Halloween.

In the post apocalyptic world of the living dead there are no hard and fast rules. As there are very few official recordings of legitimate zombie encounters, your imagination really can go wild.

Brighton zombie march family

Zombie costumes

There are plenty of off-the-shelf zombie costumes available if you don’t have time to get creative. We prefer to recycle some old clothes and get the blood out. Anything goes really. Tatty old school clothes, an old wedding dress, or just a disposable white boiler suit. Light colours are best to show up the blood.

The kids have great fun mixing up red and brown paint with a bit of PVA or even flour to get a good guts consistency. Ketchup works too, if you need a zombie costume on the go. Take a pair of scissors, shred your clothes, then splat with your fake blood.

We’ve never bothered to get too technical with detail. After all, we are dead!

zombie sisterszombie flamenco girl

Zombie makeupzombie brighton march baby

The kids like to do their own makeup and this is the one time it really doesn’t matter how it turns out. Black, white and red face paint will do, or get yourself some fake blood and some latex to make your own flesh wounds.

There are some brilliant zombie makeup ideas on Pinterest.

You can also get zombie makeup kits of pre-made wounds if you want a more realistic and scary look. We’ve generally had little ones with us so went for the less gruesome, low key living dead.

Props are great to add to your outfits authenticity. Try a fake severed limb, an old doll, or a toy axe or chainsaw.

zombie dads2013-10-31-21-55-28

zombie behaviourzombie kitchen

zombie kid behaviour

Zombie behaviour

Even more important that your costume is your acting. Becoming a zombie is all about immersing yourself entirely in to the agony of moving in an uncoordinated and undead state. It’s no good looking the part if you can’t behave like a zombie.
The perfect zombie

  • Walks slowly (usually dragging a limb)
  • Wears a look of pain and discomfort
  • Stares blankly in to the distance
  • Moans and groans (occasional groaning ‘BRAINS’)

Here’s a few more helpful tips on how to be a zombie:

Enjoy your zombie experience folks. Here’s a few more ideas. I’d love to hear yours.

zombie with dollzombie costume ideaszombie makeup

Have a great fancy dress filled Halloween. What ever your zombie behaviour is, I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic night walker. Just don’t eat too many BRAINS!!

Brighton zombie walk

Brighton zombie walk

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